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Portable Toilets & Service


In addition to our Porta Cabin Service of high quality and fast delivery - finally fixed or temporary used - room solutions we can offer you chemical toilets for multifunctional range of use.

Two different types are available as follows:

A) The ASPEN SQUATTING STANDARD TYPE, as non flushing toilet.

The ASPEN WESTERN STANDARD (SITTING) TYPE, as non flushing toilet.Please Note: Both types can also come WITH FRESH WATER FLUSHING SYSTEM.

The Units dimensions are about 1.20 m width, 1.20 m depth and 2.40 m high and the empty weight is about 70 kg. Its further equipments are:

- the toilet (squatting or western) with 65 gallon tank capacity (246 litres)
- urinal and washbasin
- heavy duty thermoformed poly skid
- thermoformed walls with high-density poly and build-in camber to increase the strength
- the twin sheeted heavy-duty door and jamb with a maintenance free integrated hinge has superior strength, hover handle, interior locking mechanism, oversize mirror, occupancy indicator
- translucent roof with spacious headroom
- different available colours for Door and surrounding walls
- and some more for comfortable use

We can also service the toilets to you. Our Service Truck will come minimum three times a month, at agreed days or along your requirements to empty the septic tank, to clean the toilet by high pressure water washer, to refill the deodorizer and the fresh water tank and to refill the toilet paper. If you are also interested in this service we will send you our service agreement. Please see the following presentation.
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