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Portable Cabins Services


We are hiring and selling high quality office spaces in all variations and size combinations based on a 6.00 m x 2.50 m grid which is ISO standardized 20 feet Units. The Rooms can be assembled on one level and can also be set on top of each other to get a two storey building as standard construction, but can also be ordered to reach buildings up to four levels incl. internal staircases.

You can order our service to a range of use for:

- Temporary (site) offices
- Long term (site) offices
- Roadwork offices
- Teaching rooms
- Cafeterias or Lunchrooms
- Laundry or Storage rooms
- Accommodation rooms or Guard cabins
- On Oil and Gas Platforms
- Laboratories
- And all other manners where you need office space or high quality room areas on short or long term use. A) Our system consists of a prefabricated steel frame, prefabricated insulated floor and roof and PU Foam insulated sandwich wall panels. Doors, windows, partitions can be located as per your requirements.
Our product offers highest quality to our customers - for instance:

- Wall insulation made from PU Foam panels with thickness of 80mm
- Double glazed windows inclusive window blinds
- Sealed against sand, blown by wind (rubber sealed doors and windows)
- And much more

B) Our service can include the sanitary areas with toilet, washbasin and pantry as small or big units.

C) To provide our clients a full service package our basic quotation can include (but is not limited to) the supply of air condition units, standard office furniture and fire extinguisher as per detailed description in our proposals.

D) As a matter of course our service comprises the assembling and dismantling. Any required maintenance can be done by us periodical or when needed.

E) Delivery times and rates are depending up to the volume of the ordered units and the time of using by our clients.

We also want to inform you, that due to the basic grid with a witness of 2.50 m, our office rooms can be assembled and fixed on a mobile flat bed trailer and so always with you, whenever you change your location. We can service to you the moving from one to another place. So your office will be always "with you" on the flat bed trailer.
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